Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Chicago Salmon

Last week I went to my hometown of Madison, Wisconsin. While there, I dined in a favorite restaurant. One that you'd expect to represent the highest-caliber dining experience in town. I do love the people there and have gone for years, so I won't name names. But I couldn't resist sharing this real exchange with the waiter from while we were ordering:

Waiter: “Does anyone have any questions?”

Me: “Yes, is the salmon in the special wild or farm-raised?”

Waiter: “Hmmm… let me check on that.”

(He goes to the kitchen and returns a few minutes later)

Waiter: “I’m not really sure, but it comes from Chicago if that helps.”

Poor waiter. I burst out laughing and actually felt quite bad about it afterwards. But when was the last time you saw salmon swimming through streams in the Windy City?

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