Thursday, May 28, 2009

Recipe: Black Bean Brownies

This weekend, in anticipation of a dinner party, I stayed up Saturday night until 2:30am baking black bean brownies. Bizarre, right? You don't taste the black beans when they're done though, and when you think about Asian desserts, beans aren't that weird.

The benefits of these brownies (other than hidden iron and fiber) are:
  • They are flourless (hello gluten intolerant folks)
  • Have no refined sugar (hello diabetics, hypoglycemics, etc.)
  • And it's just pure fun freaking people out when you tell them what's in them.
Originally from the baking book Baking with Agave Nectar, I grabbed the recipe from the food blog, where they seem to be all the rage judging from the comments section. A few things I did... I was short on agave syrup, so I used 1 cup agave, and a half cup of wildflower honey. The honey had delicious flavor, which I think enhanced the brownies. I also used espresso powder instead of instant coffee.

The "brownie" that results tastes more like fudge than a brownie really. Since it's crumbly at first, it helps to refrigerate it before cutting pieces, ideally overnight.

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